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Phase Linear 2000 Pre-Amp Overhaul

October 6, 2014 Leave a comment

Cross-posted from Rain City Audio:

I had a Phase Linear 2000 through my shop lately. It was running okay, but had some pops and clicks and the controls weren’t all that smooth. Time for an overhaul before anything worse cropped up!

This is a pretty fancy pre-amp made to be used with the Phase Linear 4000 power amplifier. It has a variable level output to be paired with a fixed input amplifier.

After fixing it up, I found this one to have a neutral, tight, almost laid-back sound without any extra embellishment. It was very nice – and part of that is owing to the very simple design.

The underside of the single-sided board Quality construction for the era. The bank of switches is an open design which gets gummed up easily but control cleaner easily solved that problem.

Of course, a pre-amp like this deserves nothing but the best: Nichicon Fine Gold series electrolytic capacitors.

The matching power amplifier will come up for service soon, so stay tuned! This Phase Linear is good as new and another piece of gear from the height of hi-fi is saved.

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Bose 901 Series II Active Equalizer #67402 Repair

August 25, 2014 Leave a comment

This equalizer got a full overhaul with new 1% precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors, audiophile-grade output capacitors, transistors, gold-plated RCA jacks, 4% silver solder for all connections, a thorough switch cleaning, and computerized frequency response testing and a listening burn-in to verify proper operation. It sounds just fantastic with a very dynamic and life-like presence that really draws you into the experience of the source material, just like the Bose 901 should.

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1936 FADA 270T Vintage Table Radio Repair

August 8, 2014 Leave a comment

This FADA 270T radio which came through the shop lately was a beautiful, very high end radio back in 1936. It has a huge airplane dial with dual-speed tuning and a magic eye indicator, and a beautifully organized under-chassis layout. Repair was pretty straightforward with a few surprises at the very end, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Click through to read more – there’s dozens of detailed, colorful photos of antique resistors and the magic tuning eye.

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1937 Westinghouse WR 226 Vintage Radio Repair

July 27, 2014 Leave a comment

This 1937 Westinghouse radio was the second highest in their tabletop line-up for ’37 and featured 7 tubes and a large, eye-catching dial for easy tuning. After a full overhaul including capacitors, resistors, an eye tube socket rebuild, new power cord, dial cord re-string, line input addition, and a full alignment it sounds great and pulls in stations across the dial. This model had the alignment trimmers all on the underside which was annoying, but peaked up nicely nonetheless. Read more for photos of the rebuild!

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1969 GE Model C2504B Transistor Clock-Radio Repair

July 22, 2014 Leave a comment

This iconic late ’60s GE clock radio came to the shop with loud, low humming when turned on and no radio reception. That’s a familiar problem! Time for new capacitors. This particular used a 100 uF main filter and several 200-400 uF secondary filter capacitors around the boards, along with three electrolytic coupling capacitors in the signal chain. They were very tired and as shown by the hum had started to short out; if the radio continued to be run with the loud hum it could have been badly damaged so it came in just in time. Some new components later, she’s good as new and sounds surprisingly good for such a small radio. There’s a mystery switch inside, too – do you know what it might control? Read more for more photos of the repair.

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Bose 901 Series II Active Equalizer #103549

July 10, 2014 Leave a comment

This Bose® 901 Series II Active Equalizer is a part of Rain City Audio’s parts stock and got a full rebuild with upgraded parts and complete and comprehensive testing. All transistors, resistors, film and electrolytic capacitors were replaced, a new neon bulb added, and the controls cleaned and lubricated. This very detailed repair walkthrough has photos showing the drifted carbon composition resistors which can throw off the equalizer’s curve even if all the capacitors have been replaced. Click through for many more photos!

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Now for Sale: Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel “Refrigerator” Capacitor Replacement Kits

July 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Rain City Audio is proud to announce a new product offering: capacitor repair kits for the Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel / “Refrigerator” Antique Radio!

This repair kit contains the most commonly needed parts to refurbish your Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel / Refrigerator radio. You’ll receive 13 modern, high quality replacement film and electrolytic capacitors to bring your radio up to full performance. Take the guesswork out of fixing your own collectible model of Little Jewel, and save the hassle of using a parts site like Digi-Key,  and order a kitted set of parts that’s ready to replace.

Included in this kit:

1 x 0.001 uF (You’ll receive 0.001 uF)
1 x 0.2 uF (You’ll receive 0.22 uF)
2 x 0.04 uF (You’ll receive 0.047 uF)
1 x 0.005 uF (You’ll receive 0.0047 uF)
1 x 0.025 uF (You’ll receive 0.022 uF)
2 x 0.01 uF (You’ll receive 0.01 uF)
1 x 0.1 uF (You’ll receive 0.1 uF)
1 x 0.1 uF (You’ll receive an X1Y2 Safety Capacitor to replace the across-the-line RFI suppression capacitor.)
1 x 20 uF 50V Electrolytic (You’ll receive 22 uF 50V)
2 x 50 uF 450V Electrolytic (You’ll receive 47 uF 450V)

Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel/Fridge Capacitor Kit – $39.00 with Free Shipping!



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